Many skin wounds can be treated at home, although you will need to discuss them with your vet if there are complications. Consumes are a crisis and need prompt veterinary consideration.

-Minor wounds:

Small cuts and scrapes can be treated at home. Search for dying, wet hide, or a scab, or the feline licking a region seriously. Gently  wipe away blood and dirt using a cotton ball moistened in saline solution—a teaspoon of salt stirred into 1 pint (500 ml) of clean, warm  water.

Cut away hair around the wound using blunt-ended scissors.Small skin wounds can sometimes occur with more extensive internal damage. Check for heat, swelling, or discolored skin around the  wound, and watch for signs of pain or shock (see p.75). Little injuries can likewise wind up tainted, so search for indications of sore arrangement, for example, swelling and discharge.


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