Maine Coons are marvelously healthy cats. There are only two genetic conditions associated with the breed: hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. No breeder can claim to have completely eradicated either from their line, but breeders do work hard to minimize the occurrence of these conditions. 

A breeder who claims genetic issues have never surfaced in their cats isn’t being honest. In my experience, however, when you see such problems with Maine Coon cats, they are more likely to be animals from backyard breeders or worse, from kit- ten mills. 

Please understand that I am not suggesting that backyard breeders are doing any- thing “bad.” They have simply allowed their cat to have kittens and made those kit- tens available for adoption. 

The problem is that there is no control over the genetics of the pairing. It is much more likely, under these circumstances, for a genetic flaw to be passed on. 

I would never say don’t adopt a Maine Coon cat from such a person, but I would strongly recommend that you have the kitten evaluated by a veterinarian first. Also ask a lot of questions about the parents and try to get a sense of their health. Meet them if possible. 


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