Good Karma Dog Rescue is a salvage focus in River Val, New Jersey that as of late spared a “draw hound” by the name of Hope. This poor puppy was used as bait to help increase the appetites of fighting puppys.

Miraculously, Hope survived the attack and was hurried to the crisis vet medical clinic as quickly as possible.

After having two dogs slash at her body, Hope was really tore separated. Hope’s twisted owners had hung her upside down while different puppys assaulted her.

She had no chance of protecting herself. Hope was missing huge bits of muscle and skin. Her body and face were open and uncovered. Her body was suffering from significant swelling and bending from the bites.

The rescuers couldn’t battle back their tears. No one knew if the dog could pull through the surgery. Even a day after her rescue,the determination didn’t look great.

The salvage association posted on their Facebook page about Hope’s condition.

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