The dog is a carnivore and a direct descendant of the wolf. The wolf – just like our domestic dogs – is in fact an omnivore, even though meat is their preferred food. In their natural habitat wolves don’t just eat whole animals, but also plants, such as grasses, berries, herbs, as well as fruit and vegetables.

In order to keep a dog in a way that is appropriate to the species, it is necessary to roughly follow the dietary habits of a wolf. This is due to the fact that there is virtually no difference between the digestive system of a wolf and that of a dog. Although the dog is no longer a predator in the true sense – he does not hunt, but instead gets a bowl put in front of him by his human – his digestive organs are still those of a predator.

A good balance of meat and vegetables has to be provided. The wolf’s usual prey consists predominantly of herbivores. Due to the fact that the stomach contents – an important source of minerals and vitamins – which we don’t normally have access to, are also consumed we have to replace these components by providing a range of well thought out supplements.


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