Beards are gross and just filled with bacteria, laughs at least according to scientists That Men With Beards Carry More Germs Than Dog s.

Yes, that’s right – according to study finds that men with beards, and enteric bacteria the type usually found living in heir chin hair.

He may look like a dapper dan but a new study finds beards could contain more germs, than fidos fur in fact tha mail on sunday reports.

Every one of the 18 beards sampled for the study was crawling with bacteria with nearly half of the beards, containing bugs hazadous to human health professor dumbledore might wanna drink an elixir.

Meanwhile several of the dogs that were tested were found, to have lower levels of microbes using an MRI scanner scientists from Switzerland hearst land.

Also clinic found all of the bearded men showed high microbial counts, while only 23 of the 30 dogs tested had high counts even worse, seven of men were found to have microbes dangerous to thier health all nestled in their beards.

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