To be on some Disney animation pet dog or something because his eyes are so big and round they look very human-like.

Breana basically surrendered him and his brother at about five weeks home, because this dog s had quest pallets, and that kind of makes defect enemy in the eyes of you know silicon or whatever, anyway person bringing color of thier mouth.

So they have to be cute fed from birth the breeder had tried to read the book wasn’t too familiar with what they were doing, so they were pretty sickly when we got them i think they were just like pretty tiny bit grim when we first got him coffee.

He’s breathing became more layered; so he had to be hospitalized for aspiration pneumonia, he had to go in on oxygen and said that was a bit of a wrecker. then also he had a dog training treats specialist.

Breana said “I think he was there like about three days and then he was realased”, He was a little bit shy at first and then he was got healthier got outgoing and just more confident more playful.

Good worried that the dogs were much bigger then him he was quite happy to play with him and he was just the cutest sort of thing, and then as he grew he went through a phase where he had one year up and one year down.

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