There is no single reason to explain why dog s eat grass, recent studies suggest there may be several causes in this new animal wised article.

We discussed the most common possibilities, any benefits this habit might hold and some precautions to follow keep reading to find out it’s very common behavior for dogs to eat grass inherited from their ancestors, and present in other wild canids it relates to dogs teken advantage of nutrients found in the fruit and vegetables.

Why does my dog eat grass?

We might feed them at home with grass dogs, my be eating it to take advantage of its nutries particulary fiber another behavior of wild canids is the ingestion of foliage to purge and eliminate intestinal parasites.

The fibrous matter of grass increases contractions, and intentines helping to push along parasites in the gastointestinal tract, and hopefully eliminating them some interesting aspects found in studies on white dogs eat grass include the fact they eat it when they are hungry.

They can spend up to 3 minutes a day eating it and younger dogs seems most attracted to this behavior, some believe that dogs may be attracted to either the taste or the simple habit of chewig grass.

It’s difficult to confirm in rare cases it’s possible this habit is a manifestation of obsessive behavior, something which should be treated by any ethology.

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